Along with running daily public tours of Westminster we also offer bespoke private tours for groups, students or gatherings. A private tour can start at any time you require with the option of stopping off at a pub or restaurant along the way. The advantages of booking a private tour is you have your own VIP tour guide for just you and your group. It is a much more relaxed and easy going experience away from the large public gatherings and you have the opportunity to alter the tour to suit your own individual needs.  For more information please contact us by email or call us on 07803067544


frequently asked questions

You can book a private tour for any day or time that you require.

We offer group discounts and can find the best price for your group depending on how many people you would like to bring. Contact us for more information.

Yes we are often asked to provide refreshment breaks in pubs or restaurants during the tour, we are happy to arrange this for you at no extra cost.

Yes we provide many school/ student tours for all sizes of groups, check out our school tour section on the website or call us on 07803067544

Yes, we can arrange a package deal to see London in a day, this includes, a morning tour, lunch, afternoon tours and evening tours.


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