Westminster Abbey is the seat of countless significant historical events in English history, from the Coronation of Kings and Queens throughout the centuries, to the weddings of William and Catherine, Charles and Diana, and Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip. In fact, seventeen royal weddings in total have taken place within the Abbey’s ancient walls.

A Westminster Abbey tour will allow you to explore corners of history you never even knew existed. Since 1099, for example, the Abbey has played host to 39 coronations.

The Abbey was first founded by Benedictine monks in 960. It was in 1560 that the Abbey was designated ‘Royal Peculiar’, cementing its position as directly responsible to, and for, the sovereign family.

The following are some interesting and lesser-known facts about Westminster Abbey.

  • As you wander past the building on your Westminster Abbey tour, you will learn that it houses the only surviving Anglo Saxon door in the British Isles, dating back to about 1050. In later centuries, it was noticed that fragments of hide had been attached to the door, prompting the theory that the skin of dead thieves was nailed to the door to deter potential future thefts from happening. It is more likely that these skin fragments were animal-based and used for decorative purposes.
  • The site houses over 3300 dead people, including Charles Dickens and Sir Isaac Newton.
  • Westminster Abbey contains the statue of the bearded lady saint in the Henry VII chapel. Saint Wilgefortis was adamant she did not want to marry a pagan prince, so she prayed to God to make her as ugly as possible to put off any suitor. Her prayer bore fruit as she was blessed with a thick beard, but her father was so enraged he had her crucified for her disobedience.
  • The Abbey once housed the Stone of Scone, which had been removed from Scotland in 1296 by Edward 1 (also known as the ‘Hammer of the Scots.’ It was kept under the Coronation Chair. In 1950 on Christmas Eve, the Stone was stolen by four Glaswegian students who buried it in a field in Kent. Eventually, the stone was returned to the Abbey, and in 1996 it was officially returned back to Scotland.

The Westminster Tour incorporates Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey. In total it takes two hours. Once you have chosen your date and booked your tickets, the tour starts at Buckingham Palace and incorporates the corridors of power in Westminster – Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, 10 Downing Street. After being enthralled by the Changing of the Guard, the tour continues on to Westminster Abbey.

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We can accommodate groups of all sizes on our Westminster and Changing of the Guard Private Tours. From corporate groups to GCSE and A-level students, we can tailor our tours to suit you. To book a private tour, simply email us with your requirements (group size/date/time) and we will gladly send you a quote and get you booked in! No group is too small or too large for our talented guides. If you’re celebrating a special occasion, why not include pub stops along the route at no extra charge!


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